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Shri Mataji about wisdom:

 Sign of the Sahaja Yogi (click to read)
 complete peace (click to read)
 how you take to the good side (click to read)
 you do not change (click to read)
 Meditation is the only way (click to read)
 Wisdom is not apparent outside (click to read)
 not just an assumption (click to read)
 Wisdom is the sign (click to read)
 Am I being a wise person? (click to read)
 this is the right path (click to read)
 round and round (click to read)
 If there is no wisdom (click to read)
 The first quality (click to read)
 the giver of wisdom (click to read)
 Those who do not meditate (click to read)
 Without this wisdom (click to read)
 the clouds of ignorance (click to read)
 divine personality (click to read)
 The Divine needs you (click to read)
 a very innate quality (click to read)
 very lucky people (click to read)
 complete power (click to read)
 Your innocence itself (click to read)
 Can you imagine? (click to read)
 Iím always in joy? (click to read)
 through our maturity (click to read)
 self-realized person (click to read)
 It has no fear (click to read)
 Itís not a violent nature (click to read)
 Wisdom - Magnetism (click to read)
Meditation cources (free entrance):
Longmont: Tel. 303-401-2341
Centennial: Every Tuesday 7PM, South Metro Denver Chambers of Commerce, 2154 E Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial CO 80122, Tel. (720) 987-8054
Boulder: Every Thursday 7:30PM, YMCA of Boulder Valley, 2850 Mapleton Avenue, CO 80301 (map) Tel. (720) 987-8054
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Tel. 303-401-2341

YMCA of Boulder Valley
Every Thursday: 7:30 PM
2850 Mapleton Avenue,
Boulder CO 80301 (map)
Tel. (720) 987-8054

Chambers of Commerce
Every Tuesday: 7PM
South Metro Denver
Chambers of Commerce
2154 E Commons Ave.
Suite 342
Centennial CO 80122
Tel. (720) 987-8054