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Self realization

You can receive your Self Realization (connection with your Self) while sitting in front of your computer. The only condition is your sincere desire to have it. You can use streaming video to follow Shri Mataji Herself.

"It is everyone's right to achieve this state of ones evolution and everything necessary is already inbuilt. But as I respect your freedom, you have to have the desire to achieve this state, it cannot be forced upon you!" -- Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sit with your back straight but comfortably. Taking off your shoes might also help since the Mother Earth sucks all negativity through our feet. Place both your hands with palms upwards on your lap, look at Shri Mataji's picture and relax.

Protocol: (move mouse over the blue text to get picture)

 Put your right hand on your heart and silently (in your heart) ask the following question 3 times: "Mother, am I the spirit?"
 Putting your right hand on the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side of your body, silently ask the following question 3 times: "Mother, am I my own master?"
 Put your right hand on the lower part of your abdomen, on the left-hand side of your body, and ask the following question 6 times: "Mother, please give me pure Divine Knowledge."
 Put your right hand again on the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side of your body, and silently affirm the following phrase 10 times: "Mother, I am my own master!"
 Putting your right hand again on your heart, silently affirm the following phrase 12 times with confidence: "Mother, I am the pure spirit!"
 Now place your right hand on the left-hand side of your neck, where it joins the shoulder, and turn to your right. In order to free this centre, it is necessary to get rid of all feelings of guilt. Repeat the following phrase 16 times with conviction: "Mother, I am not guilty!"
  Put your right hand on your forehead and lightly press the temples. Here it is necessary to forgive in order to liberate this chakra from whatever may be blocking it. Silently, and with sincerity, say the following phrase several times: "Mother, I forgive everyone in general!"
 Put your right hand on the back of your head and this time ask for forgiveness for all the mistakes that you have ever committed, but without feeling guilty. Repeat the following phrase several times: "O Divine Power, if I have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me!"
 Now close your eyes and put your right palm on top of your head, spread out your fingers and press hard with the palm of the hand. Gently massage the scalp in a clockwise movement and, with humility, ask 7 times: "Shri Mataji, please give me my Self-Realization."

Now, after the end of the meditation, see if you are feeling relaxed and if your thoughts have slowed down or gradually disappeared. This is the first stage of meditation - thoughtless awareness - where you are fully alert but without any thoughts, in a state of pure and peaceful consciousness.
Now see if you can feel a sensation of a gentle cool breeze in your palms and above your head. It might be warm in the beginning which is a sign that your Kundalini energy is purifying your chakras, but it will eventually cool down. You can verify it by placing your left palm 6-12 inches above your head, then trying with the right palm.

If you are unable to feel it, you have probably not forgiven everyone. Say again from your heart, "Mother, I forgive everyone" a few times and check again if you feel the cool breeze above your head.

This is the beginning of a fantastic journey into your own spiritual existence. It is a door opened to a new dimension of your awareness, which you can open and explore. If sustained through regular meditation, you will be able to feel your subtle centers (chakras) as well as the chakras of others on your fingertips, and correct them using your spiritual energy (Kundalini).

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Meditation cources (free entrance):
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Centennial: Every Tuesday 7PM, South Metro Denver Chambers of Commerce, 2154 E Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial CO 80122, Tel. (720) 987-8054
Boulder: Every Thursday 7:30PM, YMCA of Boulder Valley, 2850 Mapleton Avenue, CO 80301 (map) Tel. (720) 987-8054
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