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Links to Sahaja Yoga World Wide...   Official International Sahaja Yoga website with useful information and additional links.   connect yourself.   "It's easy to lean and always free..."   "Experiance the source of Peace and Joy within".   Official Sahaja Yoga website in Spain. (in Spanish)   "Open the Peace and the Beauty within...". (Russian Official Sahaja Yoga website - in Russian)      (Saudi Arabia Sahaja Yoga website - in Arabic)   "Why do people who follow Moses, Christ and Mohammed fight?...". (Israeli Sahaja Yoga website - in Hebrew, English and Russian)   "You cannot know the meaning of your life if you are not connected... ". (Sahaja Yoga website in Poland - in English and Polski)   "Sakshi Pokhari - the pond of the witness.   "These tones are ripples of the harmonic, dynamic undercurrent music of the Universal Divine Love."  (sahaj music)   " a method has been found to tap the Divine power, and this is called Sahaja Yoga." (Australian Sahaja Yoga website)   "Poetry Enlightened   Welcome to Knowledge of Reality Online - Universal Culture & Spirituality.
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Meditation cources (free entrance):
Longmont: Tel. 303-401-2341
Centennial: Every Tuesday 7PM, South Metro Denver Chambers of Commerce, 2154 E Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial CO 80122, Tel. (720) 987-8054
Boulder: Every Thursday 7:30PM, YMCA of Boulder Valley, 2850 Mapleton Avenue, CO 80301 (map) Tel. (720) 987-8054
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connect yourself.

Tel. 303-401-2341

YMCA of Boulder Valley
Every Thursday: 7:30 PM
2850 Mapleton Avenue,
Boulder CO 80301 (map)
Tel. (720) 987-8054

Chambers of Commerce
Every Tuesday: 7PM
South Metro Denver
Chambers of Commerce
2154 E Commons Ave.
Suite 342
Centennial CO 80122
Tel. (720) 987-8054