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Meditation cources (free entrance):
Longmont: Tel. 303-401-2341
Centennial: Every Tuesday 7PM, South Metro Denver Chambers of Commerce, 2154 E Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial CO 80122, Tel. (720) 987-8054
Boulder: Every Thursday 7:30PM, YMCA of Boulder Valley, 2850 Mapleton Avenue, CO 80301 (map) Tel. (720) 987-8054
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Tel. 303-401-2341

YMCA of Boulder Valley
Every Thursday: 7:30 PM
2850 Mapleton Avenue,
Boulder CO 80301 (map)
Tel. (720) 987-8054

Chambers of Commerce
Every Tuesday: 7PM
South Metro Denver
Chambers of Commerce
2154 E Commons Ave.
Suite 342
Centennial CO 80122
Tel. (720) 987-8054