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Benefits of practising Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Claes Nobel, Chairman of the United Earth Organisation:
"Shri Mataji's discovery brings genuine hope to humanity."

Sahaja Yoga meditation provides a practical and free means for people to achieve a peaceful and balanced state in their lives. It helps us to reduce illness, live longer and rediscover the sense of shared values that derive from both a traditional family life and respect for the Earth through the practice of an environmentally aware lifestyle.

Health Benefits
Illnesses and ailments arise due to imbalances of the subtle energy system. Through Sahaja Yoga, one awakens the dormant primordial energy Kundalini and it starts enlightening the subtle energy centres (chakras) within you. You can then heal, correct, balance and nourish the subtle energy centres (chakras) through simple cleansing techniques taught in Sahaja Yoga. As you become more centered and balanced, your state of health improves and you become more immune to illnesses. As Shri Mataji Herself says, "Once you are properly established, you don't have to worry about your health at all."

The health benefits of Sahaja Yoga have been documented by medical doctors and psychologists, and confirmed by clinical studies and research (2 articles - click to read). Many have also cured themselves of ailments such as high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer etc.

 Here you can see two different photos of energetic fields (auras) surrounding human body on a subtle level. (Both photos made at 05.27.2000 before meditation and after meditation relatively).

Stress Management
Shri Mataji in her book, "Stress Management through Sahaja Yoga" explains the relationship between the nervous system and the emotional, physical and mental health. According to her, the left and right sympathetic nervous systems correspond to our Yin (our emotions, desires and the past) and Yang energies (our action and futuristic thinking) respectively. Stress is a product of imbalance between the two energies, as well as an overworked and over-exhausted sympathetic nervous system.

With Sahaja Yoga, one can learn to balance these two energies and enjoy a more balanced state of living - staying alert yet be peaceful and calm.

The awakening of the dormant spiritual energy Kundalini brings about improvements and positive changes in our personality. With practice, one will discover that many innate qualities of our energy centres (chakras) manifesting and expressing in one's life. We become automatically very dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. Many individuals, who practice Sahaja Yoga, also discover their own innate talents and potential in many areas (e.g. art, music, public speaking etc) and gradually develop them to levels they never imagined possible before.

The practice of Sahaja meditation also improves one's mental focus, concentration and energy levels. With a calm yet alert mind, it is no wonder the practitioners of Sahaja Yoga take on an air of confidence in dealing with life's challenges

Meditation cources (free entrance):
Longmont: Tel. 303-401-2341
Centennial: Every Tuesday 7PM, South Metro Denver Chambers of Commerce, 2154 E Commons Ave., Suite 342, Centennial CO 80122, Tel. (720) 987-8054
Boulder: Every Thursday 7:30PM, YMCA of Boulder Valley, 2850 Mapleton Avenue, CO 80301 (map) Tel. (720) 987-8054
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Tel. 303-401-2341

YMCA of Boulder Valley
Every Thursday: 7:30 PM
2850 Mapleton Avenue,
Boulder CO 80301 (map)
Tel. (720) 987-8054

Chambers of Commerce
Every Tuesday: 7PM
South Metro Denver
Chambers of Commerce
2154 E Commons Ave.
Suite 342
Centennial CO 80122
Tel. (720) 987-8054